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British Contemporary

British Contemporary

Colley Ison Gallery - Colmore Row, Birmingham
24th March 2022 - 17th June 2022
The contemporary art scene in the UK is extraordinarily diverse.  This exhibition sets the representational alongside the abstract, the urban alongside the rural, the satirical alongside the quirky.

While David Hockney is the elder statesman of British art, Tracey Emin and Damien Hirst are two of our favourite ‘enfants terribles’.  Grayson Perry has established himself as a significant commentator on social issues, and Banksy and Harland Miller continue to provoke with their subtle swipes at prevailing attitudes.  George Shaw turns the microscope on his hometown.  All these artists demonstrate, in very different ways, their expertise and originality in the creation of print mulltiples.

Painting, too, is alive and well.  The landscape is brought to vivid life by James Byrne and Mark Godwin, while in the hands of Reuben Colley, Danny Howes and Horace Panter the urban environment takes its place as a fitting subject for fine art.  These living artists sit proudly alongside their predecessor, L. S. Lowry. Traditional media can lend themselves to innovative subject matter.  Roxana Halls and Annette Pugh each take a unique approach to women’s lives, and surrealism meets still life in the indefinable works of Rick Garland and Stephen Earl Rogers.
Also on display in this exhibition are two very special oil paintings by Reuben Colley which are currently featured in the latest Spring issue of the Royal Academy magazine.

Colley Ison Gallery is proud to present this outstanding selection of works by British artists.

'Main image featured above is 'Underpass' by Reuben Colley as featured in the Royal Academy magazine'.

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