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Roxana Halls - BBC1 'Extraordinary Portraits' Sunday 27th Feb 6.30 pm

Roxana Halls - BBC1 'Extraordinary Portraits' Sunday 27th Feb 6.30 pm
We are proud to announce that Colley Ison Gallery artist Roxana Halls will be the subject of the first episode of the new BBC1 series 'Extraordinary Portraits' which airs on Sunday 27th Feb at 6.30 pm and repeated on Monday 28th Feb at 11.10 pm. It will also be available on the BBC iplayer.

Each week host Tinie Tempah matches an artist with someone who has had something extraordinary happen to them, or are living an extraordinary life.

“Historically, portraits have been reserved for high society. We wanted to put a spotlight on our modern-day heroes,” said Tinie – real name Patrick Chukwuemeka Okogwu . “Chances are they’re not going to be elite, upper-class people. They’re going to be regular, everyday people who have done something inspirational or courageous.”

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