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Rare signed Artist Proof by Banksy now added to available works

Rare signed Artist Proof by Banksy now added to available works

Have a Nice Day by Banksy depicts riot policemen in a single, intimidating line, grouped around a grey and black tank, underneath which the words “Have a nice day” are written. The men are wearing black riot gear, marching in unison towards the viewer of the piece or some unknown threat. However, the policemen faces are replaced with bright yellow smiley faces (a motif Banksy used often to portray figures who use fear as a means of control). The print speaks both to the idea that the police force are not always what they seem to be (perhaps hiding behind their smiles).

This is a rare signed Artist Proof from 2003, one of the earliest Banksy sikscreens.
One of the Have a Nice Day - (AP)'s - sold at Bonhams London, on 15 December 2020, for a record GBP 100,250 (USD 134,000).

Have A Nice Day

Year: 2003
Medium: Screen-print in black on wove paper
Size: 35×100 cm (13 5/8 x 39 inches)
Publisher: Pictures on Walls


Total Edition: 500
50 signed, 450 unsigned
Artist’s Proofs: 31 signed AP
Anarchist Book Fair Edition: 67 signed

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