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Annette Pugh - Bittersweet

Annette Pugh - Bittersweet

Colley Ison Gallery - Colmore Row, Birmingham
27th September 2023 - 21st October 2023
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All works for this exhibition explore moments of solace and solitude. The paintings consider landscape and our emotional connection to it. Each painting is the result of serendipitous discovery, of finding places that are silent and compelling in their intensity. 
Unnoticed and over-looked areas in parks, gardens and along the river’s edge are depicted with a dream like quality and heightened palette. These places, beg us to consider their beauty and emptiness, they are mindful and leave us with a sense of stillness tinged with an uncanny serenity.

The works in the show relate strongly to ’Happenstance‘ a commissioned exhibition of large scale works at The New Art Gallery Walsall.
Similar locations, techniques and an exploration of mark making are evident in the smaller intimate studies and works on paper, whilst the mid-size and larger canvases offer rich sweet colour, fine detail and evocative sculptural elements such as the fountain and classical figures.

The title Bittersweet comes from a larger painting in the Happenstance collection and provides us with the knowledge that these works are full of contrasting emotions, pleasure and sadness, reminding us that one cannot exist without the other and that these moments, captured by the artist are both rare and special.

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Happenstance - short film

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