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Terms & Conditions


These terms and conditions set out below apply to the purchase of any original Artwork or limited edition Artwork from Colley Ison Gallery.

1 . Confirmation of your Purchase and Pricing.

You will be issued a purchase invoice containing details of the Artwork you have agreed to purchase. This will include the agreed sale price inclusive of VAT. At this point a legally binding contract upon these terms and conditions comes into existence.

2. Payment.
Payment for the Artwork is to be made within 30 days from the date of invoice unless other payment terms have been agreed ie: monthly payments via our interest free service.

3. Guarantees.

Purchases of Original Artwork are issued with a valuation pack and limited edition Artwork that has been published by us comes issued with a certificate of authenticity.

4. Delivery/Collection of Artwork.

Collection of the Artwork will be made by you from our premises, either at the time of purchase or at any other date and time so agreed.
Delivery and installation of original Artwork can be arranged via our professional hanging services at a date and time so agreed. This service will incur extra costs payable by you.

If arrangements for collection or delivery of the Artwork have not been made within 30 days from payment date we reserve the right to charge storage fees.
For overseas and export orders, the cost of shipping, import taxes and fees will be payable by you.

5. Title and Risk.

Title and risk in the Artwork shall pass to you when you take possession of the Artwork, the risk of damage to or loss of the Artwork will pass to you and you will be responsible for insuring the same.

6. Ownership and Copyright.

In accordance with the copyright, Designs and Patents act 1988, copyright of the Artwork shall remain the property of the Artist at all times.
You may not produce any image of the Artwork and may not, at any time, publish or submit for publication or reproduction of any image of the Artwork to any third party, including any internet website, for any purpose unless an agreement has been made with the Artist.

7. Data Protection.

By agreeing to these terms and conditions you confirm that you are aware of and consent to the use by Colley Ison Gallery of any personal data within the meaning of the Data Protection Act 1998 and the General Data Protection Regulations 2018. Full details of our Privacy Policy can be found here. We will not pass on your personal details to any third parties. We will keep a record of your personal details primarily for invoicing purposes and to exchange communications with you about your orders if necessary.

8. Cancellation Policy.

Please note that you cannot cancel this contract.  As set out in section 1, once you have been issued with the purchase invoice confirming your order, the contract becomes legally binding.  Artworks cannot be returned and no refund for Artworks can be given.

9. Commissioned Artwork.

Commissioned artwork requires a 50% deposit of the agreed retail price to be paid prior to the Artist starting the commission.

10. Requests to Reserve Artwork.

If you would like to reserve any artwork/s a Reservation Fee of 10% per Artwork is required. This is non refundable and will be deducted from the retail price of the Artworks on agreement of your purchase.  Artwork can be reserved for up to 7 days.

11. Right of Third Parties.

No person other than you and the Gallery have any right under these terms and conditions other than in respect of section 6 above which confers a benefit on the Artist and is intended to be enforceable by the Artist.

12. Governing Law.

These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law and the parties irrevocably submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts. Nothing contained in these Terms and Conditions affects your statutory rights.



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