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Reuben Colley interview for I Choose Birmingham

Reuben Colley interview for I Choose Birmingham
Following the success of the Skate Park exhibition, we are excited to share the latest interview with Reuben Colley in I Choose Birmingham.

I Choose Birmingham is a high-end online magazine, emailed to almost 20,000 readers a week and is an award-winning magazine brainchild of Birmingham-born writer Tom Cullen.

Highlights from the I Choose Birmingham Interview

Inspiration behind the exhibition

The interview explains the concept behind the exhibition, which began with a series of about 30 skate park pieces about three and a half years ago. After taking some time away from the first drafts, Colley revisited the paintings to add another layer of dimension.

The inspiration for the work, which depicts empty skate parks around Birmingham, came to Reuben while he was driving home from the gallery and went past the skatepark at Perry Barr. The park was completely empty because of the bad weather, ironically Reuben found life in the park when nobody was using it. This then became the basis for the exhibition.

How long did it take to paint each individual piece?

Each piece varies but usually takes about eight months to paint. Each layer could take over three weeks to dry.

How does the work relate to skateboarding?

The collection doesn’t just relate to skateboarding and skateboarders. The skateboarding equipment is interpreted as a sculptural installation and is seen as a type of unconventional beauty, native to Birmingham.
To read the full interview, you can visit the I Choose Birmingham website here.

The exhibition runs until the 15th October 2022 at the Colley Ison Gallery, 85-89 Colmore Row, and is free to attend.  


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