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Andy Warhol - From Tattooed Woman Holding a Rose (1955) to Lenin (1987)

Andy Warhol - From Tattooed Woman Holding a Rose (1955) to Lenin (1987)

14th January 2023 - 11th February 2023
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Andy Warhol's career has spanned many years, from his commercial art days in the 1950s to the Pop Art works of the 60's, 70's and 80's. He is now considered one of the most important artists of the 20th century, and we are proud to bring a huge collection of rare works to Birmingham.

Our free exhibition features early works from the 1950s, from the iconic 'Tattooed Woman Holding a Rose' and 'In the Bottom of My Garden - complete book' through to the iconic 'Tomato - Campbell's Soup' and 'Mick Jagger'. Our Andy Warhol exhibition also features two Lenin pieces from 1987. Black Lenin is signed by Andy Warhol himself, whilst Red Lenin is Estate Stamped as the artist sadly passed away before he was able to sign it.

This collection of over 25 works - from an original canvas to unique works on paper and signed silkscreen editions - spans his whole career. A selection of these pieces will be displayed and rotated throughout the course of the exhibition. So don’t miss out on this amazing free exhibition at Colley Ison Gallery! Click here to learn more.

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This exhibition will also run in conjunction with an International online promotion via ARTSY.


Our catalogue features images and insights into the artwork that will be on display throughout the duration of the exhibition.  

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