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Andy Warhol auction results continue to rise

Andy Warhol auction results continue to rise

Pop artist Andy Warhol continues to dominate the art market with some recent auction results showing artworks almost doubling their market value compared to this time last year (we sold this signed Cow piece for £35,000 in Feb 2022, one just sold at auction in April 2023 for £55,000).
We currenly have some amazing pieces directly from the Andy Warhol Foundation that are £30,000 and under, such as a unique Diamond Dust, Trial Proof Edward Kennedy, and a unique Artist Proof of Mildered Scheel.
During his lifetime Warhol produced thousands of iconic images and became a lucrative brand himself.
The current trend has also proved that the print market for Pop Art has become equally as popular as the painting market with investors and collectors rushing to buy these works as an asset that increases in value. 
We have an amazing collection of rare and unqiue pieces available to purchase.
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