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Andy Warhol - Archive

Early Life

Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in 1928, Andy Warhol – formerly Andy Warhola – always expressed a keen interest in art and pop culture. After high school, Warhol went on to study commercial art at the Carnegie Institute of Technology. In 1949, he graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in pictorial design before moving to New York to begin his career as a commercial artist.

Although his first solo exhibition in 1952 was far from a resounding success, his career would later skyrocket, as he was featured in Time Magazine in 1962 for his painting Campbell’s Soup Cans. Although unpopular with art critics at the time, Warhol has since become one the most famous and well-loved artists of the 20th century.

Notable Works

Over his career, pop artist Andy Warhol produced thousands of pieces of artwork. However, some of his most popular pieces included:
  • Campbell’s Soup Cans
  • Marilyn Diptych
  • Red Jackie
  • Self Portrait
  • Mao
To view other notable works from Andy Warhol, take a look in his Archive or pay us a visit at Colley Ison Gallery.

Latest Exhibitions

Warhol’s artwork is displayed in several museums across the globe. However, his work continues to feature in exhibitions, some of which include:

2022 Andy Warhol’s Social Network: Interview, Television and Portraits
The Andy Warhol Museum

2022 Andy Warhol Kyoto
Kyocera Museum of Art

2022 Andy Warhol: Paris and Fashion

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Marilyn (pink green yellow blue) (SOLD)
Elizabeth Taylor (SOLD)
A Gold Book IV 124 (SOLD)
Campbell's Soup - Hot Dog Bean (FS II.59) (SOLD)