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David Hockney - Archive

Early Life

Born and raised in Bradford, David Hockney’s career soon exceeded his humble beginnings. After studying at Bradford School of Art (1953-1957), he went on to the Royal College of Art in London (1959-1962), where he was awarded the Royal College of Art gold medal.
In 1964, Hockney moved to Los Angeles. Inspired by his vibrant surroundings, he produced one of his most famous collections – a series of acrylic paintings depicting LA swimming pools. Famed for creating highly evocative art featuring homoerotic undertones, he subsequently established himself as a pioneer of queer art.
Despite his exploration of many different mediums, Hockney’s art is consistently characterised by strong psychological and emotional themes. His artwork is displayed in galleries across the world, whilst his set designs have been featured in the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, the Metropolitan Opera, San Francisco Opera and the Los Angeles Music Centre Opera.

Notable Works

Throughout his career, Hockney has produced several pieces of iconic artwork. Notably, some of his most famous works include:
  • Portrait of an Artist (Pool with Two Figures)
  • The Splash
  • Man in Shower in Beverly Hills
  • Model with Unfinished Self-Portrait
  • Nichols Canyon
To view David Hockney's art, take a look in his Archive or pay us a visit at Colley Ison Gallery.

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